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In Tailor-Made projects, we work alongside education providers and funders to help them implement innovations. Simultaneously, we help innovators to expand, deepen, and sustain their impact across different contexts.

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What is a Tailor-Made?

Globally, individuals and institutions are finding new ways to address pressing challenges in education systems by creating novel approaches and solutions. However, in education, the scaling of successful solutions from a few schools widespread use has been challenging.

Who is it for?

We seek to equip educational systems with the structure, frameworks, processes, and capacity required to successfully adapt and implement high impact innovations, that deliver better learning outcomes.

The process

It’s all in the name: Each Tailor-Made solves a unique, local challenge. Each project includes these four phases.

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1. Alignment & Aspirations

HundrED brings together a variety of education stakeholders to the table to explore the hopes and challenges faced by teachers and identify potential focus areas.

2. Innovation Selection

HundrED, in collaboration with the working group, finds inspiring, impactful, and scalable education innovations that are feasible and exciting for the teachers involved.

3. Implementation

Educators and schools trial and adapt the innovation in their own classes, observing how it integrates into their existing work.

4. Story Telling

HundrED captures the learnings from the process and highlights the teachers' experiences of experimenting with new practices.

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Are you seeking scalable and impactful solutions that work in your context? Get in touch!

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David Connolly
Director, HundrED Foundation
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